Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stay Cool, Pony Boy

Oh my, I'm afraid to ask, can it get any hotter here?  I know the whole country is scorching hot, but it's even torture walking outside.  You can't breath, it's like walking into a heated oven.  Everything is dying, it's insane.  So, I hope whatever is on your agenda for this weekend, it involves air conditioning!  Or a pool, wink wink.  We're headed to a birthday party today.  I know there will be water, but not much of it.  I may just lie down in it with the other toddlers.  HaHa.  What a sight. 

Yesterday I got a steal on a few items I wasn't even shopping for.  I ran into Pier 1 to buy a stuffed animal (I know, weird place to buy an item like that, but they seriously have the cutest stuffed animals ever- and what child doesn't love a stuffed animal?) and I found these---

The bowls on the left were $1.89 and the ones on the right were $4.98.  What a steal, right?  I was super excited.  The entire summer collection is on sale right now (and so are the stuffed animals!) and I couldn't resist them.  Here is the Pig I snatched up for Liv a couple of weeks ago. I think she's pretty cute. 

I also scored some great books at B&N's bargain bin.  I could stay in B&N all day.  I love it, and with a Starbucks what more could you want?

I hope your weekend cool and fun!  Until next time.

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